We are a Star of Piercing Brightness having a human experience. And when it is deprived from stimulation that is required to define and express Itself, then life become numb of miracles.

Sufism is about all things understood as the metaphysic of existence. Sufism penetrates into Quantum Physics, sees and understand the subtlety of matter, and the hyperspace: the other unseen dimension multiverse. If existence is a philosophy, then why did Allah SWT sent down revelation in parables, allegory renditions, similitudes and signs? This is where the intelligence of man is measured, in his capability of 'knowing.' 'Knowing' is the motion of Intelligence by ways of messenger particles communicating within matter.

With His Beauty, we can witness The Truth!

Ya Allah, I burn for You, what am I gonna do?

It is important to note that neither scientists nor philosophers in the world on the subject of spiritual intelligence offered knowledge into how intelligence is organized within the scale of matter, rather; they address the subject from the perspective of influences. (The Greatness of the Holy Quran is that it offers insight into these brilliant and intelligent system that govern, manage, create, formulate and regulate matter without flaws and Great is Allah swt, remains hidden behind the veil).

Thoughts To Ponder

"These are verses of the Qur'an,- a Book that makes things clear; a Guide; and a Glad Tidings for the Believers, ....." Surah An Naml verse 1 - 2.

Thursday, January 15

The Quantum Mechanics Of A Concious Observer

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“He is the All Conscious All Aware” Surah Al Hujurat verse 13

One of the ways consciousness and quantum physics go together is through the quantum physics of Copenhagen interpretation. This interpretation states that quantum wave function collapses due to a conscious observer making a measurement of a physical system. This interpretation sparked the Schroedinger's cat thought experiment, demonstrating some level of logical way of thinking how intelligence is organized within the scale of matter vis a vis the spiritual; and somehow, it does match the evidence of what I am about to say, which I pondered and contemplated at the quantum level.

One extreme version of the Copenhagen interpretation was proposed by John Archibald Wheeler and is called the Participatory Anthropic Principle. It states that the entire universe collapsed into the state we see because there had to be conscious observers present to cause the collapse.

“He is the irresistible, (watching) from above over His worshippers, and He sets Guardians over you” Surah Al-An’am verse 61

The amazing reality and quantum physics endorsed that photons, electrons, and atoms move through space in waves until someone looks at them, the waves collapse and change to particles. Only when the electron or photon is observed does this phenomenon takes place. Or said in another way, when you are not observing, the wave exists, you look at them the particles exists. John Wheeler, a physicist, states that it is only the presence of conscious observers that have collapsed the wave function and made everything exist.

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“The experiment dispatches a photon, or electron, or atom, to a screen. But between the screen and the origin is another screen blocking the way except for two holes. The single atom amazingly goes through both holes at once as the wave, and then touches a spot on the screen that it selects when someone observes it. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology they found that atoms can be at two places at the same time. No one can predict where on the screen the atom or electron or photon will strike. It goes where it wishes to go. So through the two holes it goes as a wave and as soon as it is observed it collapses to a particle and in most cases hits a spot on the screen.”

We are atoms, electrons and photons and that the faculties in our body are whirled in it. So, inside us are hives of waves function collapse when He watches over us via the Guardians. Quantum physicist says that “the electron waves on earth collapse because the entire universe is looking.” If this is the case, then I say that there must actually be something in heaven that forever watches over the faculties in our body which collapses its wave functions. And Allah swt says which means, “He is watching from above His worshippers” and add to its verse, “and He sets guardians over you” in Surah Al An’am verse 61, a similitude describing the intelligent and brilliant system that commands and governs everything without flaws, and great is Allah swt remains hidden behind the veil.  

Albert Einstein did call this, "a spooky action at a distance."

Meditate, solat or dzkir in His praises collapsed the wave function and particles exist within the plenitude of the faculties in our body. The Observer and the Observe then becomes ‘entangled’ in these phenomena. In 1982, a research team led by physicist Alaine Aspect in University of Paris in the most important experiments of the 20th century discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Each particle seems to know what the other is doing. It is referred to as “entanglement” within quantum mechanics theory.

This concept is teaching me that; the Observe and the Observer are deeply ‘entangled’ only when wave collapse and particles exist. The electrons in the faculties of our body ‘know’ what to do (workplan for our life) since they ‘know’ what the other ‘know’ (Guardian), in this case.

Consider that a message, a new consciousness, in the form of photon or electron from (the Observer) is destined for you. It knows where it has to go as do the electrons or photons in the lab that was experimented. But you are heedless of your own self and as such, the message and new consciousness is waiting for you to collapse the wave function in the faculties of your body to a particle. So, when you meditate, solat or dzkir, the electron from the Observer enters through a conduit in your body, and to where it is supposed to go: the hippocampus, DNA, cells, etc.  

A moving electron or photon will meet its pair and become ‘entangled’ where Allah swt wills.

“The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years” Surah Al Ma’arij verse 4

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John Gribbins, an astrophysicist at Cambridge University described electromagnetic radiation moving across the universe like ripples on a pond. These are the messengers’ particles ascending and descending; interact with particles coming from above and below. This result in an individual charged particle including the particles in the faculties of our body, instantaneously become conscious and aware of these messengers particles. Messengers particles traveling back and forth provides message, feedbacks and knowledge which make each particle an integrated part of the whole intelligent and brilliant system.

"The reality is in the observations, not in the electron" Heisenberg 1958

Said in another way, John Gribbins put it as: “poke an electron here in a laboratory on earth and every charged particle in the galaxy more then 2 million light years away knows what happened.” This literally means that, the electron of your DNA knows where the electron on the Luh Mahfuz are. Thus the electron in the Luh Mahfuz will communicate the electron of your DNA via chemical signals, to bring about your workplan for the purpose of life and your destiny. But this can only happen if the wave function within the DNA consciousness field collapse into particles.

“God created the universe in 6 days and establish Himself on the Throne of authority: and let the laws governed the universe under His command” Surah Al’ Araf verse 54.

Excerpt from The Spiritual Mind: A Mental Miracle soon on shelf.

Wednesday, January 7

Thy Skin Shall Witness Thee

Sitting/kneeling posture is an important step in the cycle of solat. We recite the "tashahhud", or shahadah to declare in our innermost thought, our faith towards Allah swt, 100%. But O' ye who believe! did ye achieved 100% faith in this state of solat?

Have you ever ask? ponder or contemplate? .. which part of your body witness the vow of shahadah in this cycle of solat? Or is it enough to just follow what our ancestors do without having to question why Allah swt engineered it this Way? Is this posture so important to initiate the mechanism of faith within our inner kingdom?

"At length, when they reach the (fire), their hearing, their sight and their skins will bear witness against them, as to (all) their deeds" Surah As Sajda verse 20

Behold! in your hearing (takbir), sight (eye) and skin (spiritual chills) in the state of solat, all will bear witness against you, if you are heedless of it.

The Eye
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It is the eye that scan the vow of shahadah through the index finger pointing towards Qibla. The retina reacts to the vow, act as a messenger and sends sensory information (shahadah) to the brain. 

The Hearing and The Skin

The skin is an acute sensory organ, constantly reporting current external conditions to the brain, to which the body responds by making internal adjustments - Wikipedia.

Never underestimate the importance of skin. You might think of it as something with no significance wrapping you, but the skin is more than what you think it is. During judgement day, you will say to your skin, "why bear witness against us?" Surah Fussilat verse 21.

In a study conducted by Bryan Gick and Donald Derrick at University of British Columbia, that man hears with their skin as well as their ears. They stated, "subjects listen to spoken syllables while hooked up to a device that would simultaneously blow a tiny puff of air onto the skin of their hand or neck. The syllables included "pa" and "ta" which produces a brief puff from the mouth when spoken, and "da" and "ba" which do not produce puffs. They found that when listeners heard "da" and "ba" while a puff of air was blown onto their skin, they perceived the sound as "ta" or "pa."

What does this mean on the causal level in the state of solat? It means everything!!

"stand to prayer by night and recite the Quran in slow measured rhythmic tones" Surah Al Muzzammil verse 2 and 4

If solat and the vows of shahadah uttered is not in a measured rhythmic tone and if solat is done with a wandering mind, you may perceive the wrong sound!!

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In the brain, only after the mechanical sound waves have been converted into electrical impulses and sent to the brain for processing, do you actually hear the sound. When the ear bears witness to His greatness (takbir), it produces a puff of air across the skin simultaneously and you will indentify it based on the sensation of your skin (spiritual chills). Said in another way, we testify through sensory stimulation through our five senses which is then converted into electrical signals for the brain to put into account the stimuli and determines the Truth.

When you testify the shahadah, your eyes picks up the visual when you point your index finger towards qibla, the ear deliver the sound waves and the brain picks the sensory words. Your skin is picking up signals as you testify. You feel your own puffy sounds instantaneously and the result is spiritual chills. Spiritual chills is a way of telling you that you are cloaked in Truth. 

All of these sensory input is delivered to the brain, integrated, analyzed and assimilated - all in a blink of an eye.

This explicitly explained that solat with faith plays a crucial role not only for the brain to accurately interpret the Truth, but also for the evolution of man's intelligent thought process.

"Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not" Surah As Saff verse 3. Solat with a wandering mind is what you see is not what you get!! This is because, Allah swt has put a seal in the heart and covering in the ear and sight so they hear and understand not.

But those who stand in solat with faith, ranged in ranks say, "not one of us but has a place appointed and we are verily ranged in ranks (for service): and we are verily those who declare His Glory" Surah As Saaffat verse 164 - 166

Therefore O ye who believe, do not take your solat lightly.

Excerpt from The Secret of Solat

Thursday, January 1

The "God-Helmet"


“So when they had both submitted their wills (to Allah), and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead (for sacrifice),…” Surah As-Saffat verse 103

The lobes; the “God-helmet” :), each with its assigned task, interconnected, interact, entangled and is in harmony with each other. When the consciousness of the lobes is in harmony, it will result in the "whole brain synchronization". Harmony is the matching of 4 separate path to resonate along the same wavelength.

Ponder the lobes. How they prostrate in pious reverence and great humility to Allah SWT 24/7, unconscious to us. Everytime you prostrate in solat, the angels entreat to Allah swt in earnest, “O You who is the Most Merciful Most Compassion, seeking Your refuge Your servant in utter humility pleads. Hear him, O Lord. Forgive him his sins, for You are Oft Forgiving Oft Returning”. The forehead prostrate, is the resigning of the fore-lock to Divine Will. “Glory be to You Allah, The Exalted, my forelock is in Your hands”, the covenant that is kept in the frontal lobe. This is the lobe that submit itself in absolute certainty to Allah swt. "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a moving creature but He hath grasp of fore-lock. Verily, it is my Lord that is on the straight path" Surah Hud verse 56

The Cerebral Cortex is the largest part of the human brain, associated with higher brain function. It consist of 4 stages of intelligence called Temporal Lobe (Syariat), Occipital Lobe (Tariqat), Parietal Lobe (Haqiqat – the ‘transporting effect”) and Frontal Lobe (Makrifat) –  the spiritual center - the Gate Keeper to the Farthest Mosque!

When you stand in Solat, it is the frontal lobe that govern deep contemplation. In the state of a spiritual solat, the ‘parietal lobe powers down’ result: leaving the physical to enter the spiritual; at this state, the ‘frontal lobes goes deep silent’ and you no longer take control of the ‘self.’ This is the makrifah state achieved in solat or the absorption into the state of oneness : "light upon light and unto His Light" Surah An Nur verse 35.

The Sacred Law is a tree, the Spiritual Path is its branches, Direct Knowledge is its leaves and Reality is its fruit.

Imam Malik, one of the four Sunni Imams of Shariah quotes: “He who practices tassawuf (sufism) without learning Sacred Law or Shariah corrupts his faith, while he who learns Sacred Law or Shariah without practicing tassawuf (sufism) corrupts himself. Only he who combines the two proves true.”

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Prophets and saints are sure Signs of this whole brain enigma. As the lobes gets organized, harmonized and synchronized, a higher level of consciousness purges and vision of Reality is created. When new neural pathways is build, greater intelligence is born. This means that the Truth and the Reality, Perfection, Wholeness and Intelligence can only be accomplished by means of these 4 traits of consciousness : syariat-tariqat-haqiqat-makrifat. They are in relative to each other and one cannot cancel out the other or else it will result in a ‘death beat’ of the Soul. This will result the Soul to stray from the right path.

When Solat is performed, there is a change in the frequency and amplitude of the brain waves, from alpha to theta to hyperGamma and epsilon. From the parietal lobe (hyperGamma) to the frontal lobe (epsilon), takes you on a spiritual joyride. The lobes are small yet it can contemplate beyond the infinite : billions of neurons with trillions of synapses and highest-level glial cells of unspeakable mysteries: the messengers with wings, make up this region alone. The lobes, the "God-helmet", is a conduit, in order to show us some of His signs in the horizon, "from the sacred mosque to the farthest mosque" Surah Al Isra verse 1, during solat only when its done with a spiritual endeavor.

“Ye surely have to travel stage by stage” Surah Al Inshiqaq verse 19


There are 4 stages of conciousness of man and they go in sync with the consciousness of the lobes. Just like flowers to attain Wholeness in its stages of development via the nourishment it received. The final stage demonstrate the inherent qualities of the essence of man at the state of anfus : “O you whose breath (is like that of) Jesus! Don't breathe from (such) a distance!” Rumi.

The lobes is engineered from an active living essence. This essence is the underlying substance that manifests Reality. This is the wholeness of man, vibrating at higher levels of consciousness in its levels of intelligence reflected in the 4 ranks of man (insan jalal, insan jamal, insan kamal and insan kamil) within its 4 energy forces structure : strong, gravitational, electromagnetic and atomic.

“He has created everything in just proportions and given you shape and made your shapes beautiful and to Him is the Final Goal” Surah Al Taghabun verse 3

Grace and Beauty can only be attained when these 4 paths are in a state of synchronized coherence : harmony. Harmony is the key to the gates of bliss and the opening of the veils. 

“Harmony is the source of manifestation, the cause of its existence, and the medium between God and man. The peace for which every soul strives, and which is the true nature of God and the utmost goal of man, is but the outcome of harmony” - The Mysticism of Sound - Inayat Khan.

Therefore, O' ye who believe! Be not like those who prostrate their forehead in solat with a wandering mind, result : "a lying sinful forelock" Surah Al Alaq verse 16, and when death approaches : "We will drag him by the forelock" Surah Al Alaq verse 15.

Excerpt from The Science of Allah : The Theory of Everything