We are a Star of Piercing Brightness having a human experience. And when it is deprived from stimulation that is required to define and express Itself, then life become numb of miracles.

Sufism is about all things understood as the metaphysic of existence. Sufism penetrates into Quantum Physics, sees and understand the subtlety of matter, and the hyperspace: the other unseen dimension multiverse. If existence is a philosophy, then why did Allah SWT sent down revelation in parables, allegory renditions, similitudes and signs? This is where the intelligence of man is measured, in his capability of 'knowing.' 'Knowing' is the motion of Intelligence by ways of messenger particles communicating within matter.

With His Beauty, we can witness The Truth

Thoughts To Ponder

"These are verses of the Qur'an,- a Book that makes things clear; a Guide; and a Glad Tidings for the Believers, ....." Surah An Naml verse 1 - 2

Saturday, August 9

Ahmad: The Divine Matrix

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"He takes account the number of all things" Surah Al Jinn verse 28

The 17th century mathematician Jakob Bernoulli named the above figure as the “Spira mirabilis” or "miraculous spiral", and assigned it the following motto: "Eadem mutato resurgo" ("although changed, I rise again the same") – Wikipedia, the Free Ensyclopedia. That is, the logarithmic spiral does not change its shape as its size increases.

The above discovery leads me to the secret of man's conciousness and the reason why the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is called "The Praised One" or the shadow of Allah SWT by pondering and deciphering the Arabic letterings of “Al-hamdu” – The Opening of Surah Al Fatehah, the reason why it is called the Mother of the Holy Quran.

     "Thus do We explain the signs by various symbols: that they may say, "Thou has taught us diligently," and that We may make the matter clear to those who know" Surah Al An'am verse 105

  "By the Book that makes things clear. A Quran in Arabic that ye may understand its Wisdom" Surah Al Zukhruf verse 2 and 3

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‘The lovers visible and the Beloved invisible – whoever saw such a love in this world?' Rumi

This points to the Truth and the Reality of the pure attributes of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW - The Praised One and the shadow of Allah SWT - which equates with the term Beauty, representing the nature of man of precise measure. Note that in the expansion process of his soul in its Godhood nature attributes (sifatullah), does not change his servanthood-prophethood factor (channels through which His signs are rehearsed and His treasures made Known). "It is not you who threwst O' Muhammad, it is I who threwst" Surah Al An'fal verse 17. 

     “Yet, I have seen the signs of Your Grace and Kindness in the appearance of that incomparable Pearl, O Generous One. Since, although he is from (among) us, he doesn't resemble us. We are entirely (like) copper, and Muhammad is (like) the (alchemical) elixir” Rumi 

    "It is We who created all things in due proportion" Surah Al Furqan verse 2 

If human proportion can be incorporated within the Divine Proportion, the soul will be perfect in its geometry. This is man of precise measure, in which the Divine Proportion rearrange the sacred geometric pattern of the soul follow the Golden Spiral rule which man must obey. If not spiral, will result in the defects of your attitudes and actions.

"And He fashioned him in due proportion" Surah As-Sajdah verse 9

Divine Proportion or the Golden Spiral or the Golden Mean is to describe the struture of the body, the sacred mosque, storing and manufacturing important ratio for the motion of the soul. Said in another way, our body is engineered with its own Divine proportion so that the soul can be formulated in a Certain Way with its own elements, power and intelligence epitomized in order to build the constitution of man. "Whoever cultivates the Golden Mean, avoids both the poverty of a hovel and the envy of a palace" - Ancient Roman poet.  

Excerpt from The Science of Allah: The Theory of Everything soon on shelf, insha'Allah.

Tuesday, July 15

The Atomic Power of Dzkir : An Open Letter To The Palestinians

"Soon We will show them Our signs in the horizon and within their own Soul and realize that this is the Truth" Surah Al Fussilat verse 53

This verse describe explicitly, what had happened inside my inner kingdom, which is a miracle beyond physical conception. It is a testimony the signs in the horizon which is within our own soul, which I always reflect, ponder and contemplate. Its a blessing that appear as a sign for Islam to rise from poverty to power beyond description.

“and He made from Water every living thing” Surah Al Anbiya verse 30

One night as I lay in bed after long hours of writing, I was about to doze off when something beautiful happened. There was an echo pulsating inside my body, which is bell-like. It is truly a transcendence experience. I have done a research on this incident and found that when dzkir has become your way of life, it creates harmonic resonance waves in the waters of our body (since we are 85% water), termed 'standing waves' by scientists. Harmonic resonance is the matching of separate waves reverberates into One harmony. When this happened, the mind will start to pulsate a secret melody, resulting in a very powerful resonant continuum echoing inside the body which produces acoustic waves causing a rhythmic motion of the soul like the tides. 
Standing Wave Resonance of the Sun
'Standing waves' of solar energy produced in the body as in the attributes and nature of the sun. "The Sun is playing a secret melody, hidden inside itself, that produces a widespread throbbing motion of its surface. The sounds are coursing through the Sun's interior, causing the entire globe, or parts of it, to move in and out, slowly and rhythmically like the regular rise and fall of tides in a bay or of a beating heart" Kenneth R. Lang. 

You can hear the sound of the sun, which is the exact same echo pulsating inside my body, as in the Sound of Sun (@ 1.42) by NASA.

Of everything We have created in pairs that ye may receive instructions" Surah Adh-Zariyat verse 4

Men of faith possesses the same characteristic attributes like that of the sun. Dzkir, therefore, has the capability to produce powerful harmonic resonance just like the sun. Allah SWT is using the sun as a system to communicate to man that the same atomic force can exist within man’s inner kingdom if we dzkir in His praises. That is the reason why Dzkir is the Greatest virtue in the sight of Allah SWT.

To my brothers and sisters in the Palestine,

The above photo is a water crystal shot by Russian scientists, when the water is exposed to the sound of the sun. The sun dzkir in His praises from the beginning of time to the end. Dzkir forms crystals like the above beauty with certain powers epitomized within the 5,000 million molecules in one drop of water in the human body of one ummah and has the ability to generate atomic resonance power. Imagine the 85% water that is moulded in us!! With harmonic resonance power, you are capable of triggering or defusing drones or even a nuclear bomb by projecting one hundred or even lesser, at the least, super power mind force into One energy, One motion, One intent, One heart, One mind, and One Power! Imagine if it is projected by hundreds of thousands superpower minds!!! Contemplate, reflect, ponder and think!!!!

"...He draweth the night as a veil over the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: all governed by laws under His Command" 
Surah Al A'raf verse 54

Everything is in motion divinely calculated. This motion is manifested by vibration. When one vibration comes into alignment with another, this is called resonance. The power of resonance can be as gentle as the swinging pendulum, but it can be the most powerful and ferocious that can even toppled the world's longest suspension bridge. This is the superhuman power, by the power and command of Allah SWT, the light upon light and unto the power of the True Light. Contemplate Surah Adh- Zaariyat verse 1, when Allah SWT says which means, "by the power of the sower who sow as much distribution - flying at full speed" - atomic power (the release of photons and electrons from men of faith), the spiritual latent ability, blessed by Allah SWT, to those who submit. These are the unseen forces that made to give men of faith, power and intelligence beyond human physical conception.

"But Allah did pour His calm on the Messenger and on the believers, and sent down forces which ye' saw not;.." Surah At Tawbah verse 26 

It is through the release of these hidden forces that Islam is able to stand on the brink of being the most powerful and fearless like the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, Prophet Sulaiman a.s, Dzulkarnain, Muhammad Al Fateh, Khaled bin Walid (the Sword of Allah SWT) and other great gladiators of Allah SWT. And when this Will finally win through, we will understand the greatest science of life and rid the minds of ummah from all delusion and seek to awaken the most powerful force that is moulded in us, for an appointed term only. 

"For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him; they guard him by the command of God" Surah Al Ra'd verse 11

The Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was informed in Surah Al Fil (The Elephant) “seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the companions of the Elephant?” (These were the troops of Abrahah, the Abyssinian, who invaded Makkah with a large army in which there were some elephants. The miracle consisted in the birds coming in large flights and flingin stones of baked clay, or hard as baked clay, layer after layer, are part of the miracle - Quran 11:82 and Quran 15:74). Allah SWT is making such a contact through this synchronized coherence, by the power of solat and Dzkir in His praises. Solat and Dzkir is engineered in order to build the constitution of man: power and intelligence; and not because Allah SWT need you to worship or praise Him, as He is free from all wants.

"O ye' who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm, and call Allah in rememberance much (and often) - (dzkir in His name); that ye' may prosper" Surah Al Anfal verse 45

We are the atomic superpower storehouse like that of the blazing Sun! the Star of Piercing Brightness we are waiting for. Therefore, O’ my brothers and sisters of the Palestinians; solat, dzkir and unite!! ….. the time is now for you to awaken your superhuman that defies description, by the Power of Allah SWT, the Al Mighty, which will tremble and shaken the hearts of the Zionist.

Did We not say that you are moulded in the best mould?

Excerpt from The Miracle Mind soon on shelf. 

NOTE: Please share this with muslims around the world and those who are oppressed. Insha'Allah, by His Grace and His Power and Might, Islam will eventually come to rise ... from powerless to fearless, like the Cyborg!